Working with Enkomion

You consider working with us? This page will give you an overview of how we work and how projects are structured.

1. First Contact You give us a basic understanding of the project.
2. Project Questionnaire Based on our understanding we will assemble a project questionnaire for you to fill out. Your answers will help us to better understand your business goals and the details of the project.
3. Proposal After we have formed an understanding of your project, we will send you a proposal that lines out different options for us to work together.
4. Preparation You give us access to all relevant platforms, send us your colors, logo, etc. (we will send you an exact list of things we need). You make backups of your data before we start working. You make the first payment. We establish communication channels.
5. Project We will work on the project as agreed upon.
6. Review & Feedback We review the project together. You give us feedback on our services (we will send you a questionnaire).