We help companies sell online
efficiently and elegantly.


  • No one thinks deeply about eCommerce.
  • High-quality products and strong brands are the best way to sustainably stand out in today's hypercompetitive eCommerce space. Sourcing and white-labeling cheap generic products isn't worth the effort anymore.
  • Quality products sell without discounts or aggressive sales tactics. Aggressive discounts are poisonous to longterm brand integrity.
  • Divison of labor. Constant product R&D is as important as everything we can do for you technologically and marketing-wise. A weak product won't sell. Continually improving your product and talking to your customers is one of the largest competitive advantages you can build. Most eCommerce companies focus on data and marketing techniques at the expense of product quality.
  • Brand integrity and trust are invaluable ingredients to stable long-term sales.
  • Traditional online marketing is rooted in vulgar but effective tactics like spam, pop-ups, discounts, or false scarcity. These things work in the short term, but damage brand integrity and should be avoided.
  • Marketing decisions should be based on data, but not solely determined by it.
  • Large margins lead to higher quality and happier supply chains. Small margins lead to compromises, shortcuts, & trickery.
  • Higher quality products and services are cheaper in the long run.
  • Sustainability over trickery. Trickery hints at problems. All types of trickery (in product quality, in communications, in customer relations, in SEO, etc.) hint at underlying problems; usually bad cashflow. While there is a place for "trickery"-like approaches (think high-frequency trading), we prefer to work on more sustainable longterm-focused projects.
  • Lower volumes lead to lower stress. Lower stress means higher quality, better planning, more preparedness, etc. This is also the core of how we run our own business.
  • Working with a small number of clients continually allows us to get to know our clients' businesses intimately, to think about them deeply, and to give them the same level of attention we give to our own projects.
  • We're conservative. Because years of effort can be undone in a very short time.
  • Technology with a human touch is the essence of bringing the traditional boutique experience online. Building up brand integrity sets the foundation for sustainable longterm sales.

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