There is a clear distinction between boutiques and other types of stores in the offline retail world.

But this distinction doesn't carry over automatically into the realm of eCommerce. One is about warmth, quality, exceptional service, relationships, prestige. The other about traffic numbers and arrays of data, conversion rates, SEO, and technology.

Can the closeness to the customer that is so important for traditional boutique stores be carried over into eCommerce? We think it can.

Many of the skills of boutique business do carry over into the online world and make a large competitive difference, but most tactics of traditional online marketing are antithetical to the boutique experience. The result of this is often a subtle but persistent dissonance that sabotages such projects.

Enkomion is our approach to bridging this gap. To unify the elegance and warmth of the traditional boutique experience with a focus on data-driven but elegant online marketing and state of the art technology.

Who We Are.

Enkomion was born on the backstreets of Seoul's trendy Hongdae District where small luxury boutiques and posh cafés are frequented by Korea's hip and wealthy leisure class.

Enkomion is the product of an insight. The insight that eCommerce companies can be run and flourish in a stress-free, elegant, and very profitable way. Looking back at eight years of eCommerce experience and countless projects, certain characteristics clearly stand out. Most eCommerce stores are either similar to the above-mentioned boutiques or to discount-based mass retailers.

This eureka moment was followed first by reflection and then by a radical restructuring of our business. We stopped collaboration with most of our clients, deepened collaboration with the remaining ones, and put a stop on new projects for close to a year.

Enkomion was formulated as a principle-based company. We are intentionally small. We only serve a small number of clients, which allows us to think deeply about our clients' businesses. We're never fully booked so we can act quickly in case of unforeseen circumstances. We have warm and friendly relationships with all of our clients and we work in a low-stress yet effective manner.

We Might Be a Good Match If...

  • You're in business for the long term and you're looking for sustainable and steady growth.
  • You value brand integrity over quick but unsustainable profits.
  • You actively focus on product development.
  • Your products are so good that they don't rely on discounts to sell.
  • Your store carries a comparatively small product palette, but the products are of high quality.
  • You prefer selling to a smaller number of more sophisticated customers at a higher per-order price point rather than selling to a larger number of customers at low or discounted rates.
  • You and your customers find aggressive pop-ups and other such tactics untasteful and would rather not have such things in your store.
  • You have worked with agencies or freelancers before and have been dissatisfied with how they work.

How We Work.

  • We take the client's project as seriously as our own projects.
  • We only work with clients who are very serious about their projects.
  • We only work with a small number of clients, so we always have time for you, respond to your emails quickly, and usually have a rather relaxed schedule that allows us to respond to emergencies when they come up.
  • We are picky and only work with clients we genuinely like and whose businesses we respect. We reject most inquiries.
  • We focus on delivering high-quality work and pay great attention to detail.
  • We're focused on Shopify-based boutique stores and nothing else.
  • We are intentionally small and don't need to market ourselves. Unlike other agencies, we don't send unsolicited emails to anyone and we don't track when and where you open our emails.

Should you be interested in working with us please do reach out.

After an initial project discussion, we will send you a questionnaire to base our proposal on.

If you are interested in longterm collaboration we will propose an initial test project.

Upon completion, we'll have an internal discussion and if we think you'd be a good fit we will formulate a longtime offer for you.