Enkomion is a boutique eCommerce consulting studio focused on increasing profitability and building internal repertoire for clients in the fashion and lifestyle sectors.

We believe that high-quality products and strong brands are the best way to sustainably stand out in today's increasingly competitive eCommerce space. Just sourcing and white-labeling cheap generic products doesn't work anymore.

We believe that brand integrity is the key to sustainable long term growth. Brand integrity is the result of continually honest communication. Aggressive discounts and manipulative sales tactics are poisonous to brand integrity. Sadly, traditional online marketing is rooted in cheap tactics like spam, popups, false scarcity, discounts, that are often effective in the short term.

Enkomion is our approach to bridging the gap between the traditional offline boutique experience of warmth and elegance and a focus on data-driven online marketing and state-of-the-art technology.

We focus on delivering high-quality work and pay great attention to detail.

Working with only a small number of clients continually allows us to get to know our clients' businesses intimately, to think about them deeply, and to give them the same level of attention we give to our own projects. This also allows us to respond to your emails quickly and be available in case of emergencies when they come up.

Our Clients...

  • are in business for the long term and look for sustainable and steady growth.
  • value brand integrity highly.
  • actively focus on product development.
  • sell products that are so good that they don't need to rely on discounts to sell.
  • sell a comparatively small product palette, but the products are of high quality.
  • are organized and value well functioning internal systems and clear communication.

We are picky and only work with clients we genuinely like and whose businesses we respect. We reject most inquiries.