Enkomion Coaching Program

Our Coaching Program is a low-price alternative to the done-for-you services we offer.

As coaching clients, you will receive regular systematic guidance on how to start or grow your store — but you have to implement these strategies largely by yourself.

We offer this service because we are regularly approached by people who are new to eCommerce and are hesitant to spend large amounts of money on consulting or development work. In the past we had to turn such requests down. But for us as service providers it is very interesting to see as many stores as possible (especially early-stage stores) to stay up to date with current trends and to see what works. This coaching program is our attempt to service those clients and broaden our own horizons while doing so.

Who Is This For?

Note: This coaching offer is aimed at very small businesses or individuals with limited funding. If you're interested in corporate coaching please contact us directly for bespoke coaching programs.

  • Newcomers/Beginners — You're more or less new to eCommerce. Maybe you plan to quit your job and start your own business. Maybe you're a maker and you want to sell your products online. Maybe you're a tech person and you're comfortable with building your own store but you don't know the ins and outs of product management or marketing. You can't afford or just don't want to pay for our full services.
  • DIYers — You want to learn how to run things yourself and you're looking for someone to get you up to speed. You would rather build your own store than pay $500 to the cheapest developer you can find and get a half-broken store. You have more time than money (but this doesn't mean you're planning to waste it). Maybe you even know some HTML and CSS and want to learn how to use Shopify's Liquid language. You think you can do it yourself, but you rather spend three months doing it with a coach than six months doing it by yourself. Maybe you also need someone who sees several different stores each week to bounce your ideas off of. Or to evaluate the validity of the plans you've made.
  • Early-Stage Stores — You have this great product and you randomly found Shopify and you managed to click together a store and My God!, it's working! Your store is making a few hundred or a few thousand dollars per month but you can't live off that. You want to make this a fulltime thing, but even though sales have been steady for the past few months you haven't seen much growth. It would be nice to just hire someone to grow the store, but you feel uncomfortable spending more than you make from it. You want a cheaper option that will help you to grow into the revenue numbers you need to pay for full-service consulting or to hire your first internal team members.

How the Coaching Is Structured

You will get on the phone with Daniel, our lead consultant, every two weeks.

Together, you will start by looking at your current situation and explore your goals. Daniel will then analyise your store, help you set up new marketing channels, improve conversion rate, set up automation, and improve general profitability of your store (depending on your situation and goals).

He will then put together an agenda of things for you to work on during the following two weeks. Your progress with the tactics from the agenda will be the basis for the next call.

After each call, Daniel will send you a summary of the issues discussed and guidance and resources on how best to implement them.

For followup questions you will have unlimited access to Daniel through chat messaging apps. Daniel will answer all your questions as voice messages.1

We will also make simple technical changes to your store between sessions (if necessary).2

In general, you will get the same level of attention and advise that our full-service clients get, but you will have to implement everything yourself.


The price for our Coaching Program is 600€ per month.

Ideally you'd sign up for a whole quarter as the benefits will compound over time. But there are no required lengths of time or cancelation periods.

The program fee is to be paid in advance at beginning of each month. We do offer discounts if you pre-pay for three or more months at once.

We do not offer free sample sessions or anything of that kind.

However, please feel free to get in touch with us if you're unsure about whether this is a suitable program for you and we'd be happy to have a look and help you evaluate the situation.

At a Glance

  • Two Coaching Calls per Month
  • Unlimited voice-message Q&A;
  • Help with simple technical adjustments
  • Iterative Improvements
  • 600€ per month
  • Cancel any time


(if you have a website)
(or what do you want to sell?)
What are you trying to get out of the coaching?

1 Please understand that we can't offer phone call or email support. These things take a lot of time and this is already a low-price product that is barely profitable for us. This will make it impossible for us to offer this service and it is also unfair to our full-service clients. Voice messages are easy and fast to record and give you the same amount of information that you would receive on email or in a phone call. But they save a lot of time on our side. Thanks for understanding.

2 Examples of this are removing or adding elements, changing colors, changing spacing, etc. Please understand that we can't build complete features for you at this price point. But we'd be happy to send you a separate offer in case additional features are needed.